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Brainstorming session

Bring the team together to brainstorm ideas, organize by theme, and identify the best solutions

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About the brainstorming session template

The most effective product teams are deeply curious. Whether you are defining strategic goals and initiatives or working through a customer problem, you see every challenge as an opportunity to deliver value.

Use the brainstorming template to generate fresh ideas in a live or asynchronous working session. Have a spirited discussion about which ideas best align with your product strategy.

The more you flex your creativity and think critically about the problems you are solving, the faster you can move plans forward. When you know an idea is aligned with your strategic direction, easily convert it into an idea or feature in Aha! Roadmaps and start planning. This is the ultimate benefit of a brainstorming session gone well.

How to use

Collect and build on new ideas — then move ahead with the best ones.

  1. Clarify purpose Define the objective of your brainstorming session — so everyone is clear on the topic and scope. Share your whiteboard with the team ahead of time so everyone is ready to participate.

  2. Ideate freely Let brainstorming begin. Use colorful sticky notes to quickly capture ideas. Need a little more space to articulate your thoughts? Adjust your sticky note to a rectangle and keep going.

  3. Get organized Group ideas by theme to get a full picture of the team's contributions. Add emoji reactions to share your support of the strongest ideas.

  4. Identify solutions Narrow down your options to the ones that best align with your product strategy. Easily convert those sticky notes into an idea or feature in Aha! Roadmaps to bring fresh thinking directly into your planning process.

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