Launch breakthrough marketing campaigns

Set strategy, build visual marketing plans, and report on program results

Strategy first

You need to set clear objectives to achieve greatness. So start by adding your goals and initiatives to link a “red thread of strategy” through your plan to the actual marketing activities.

Perfect positioning

Detail for the team your messaging framework and what makes your product unique. This ensures that no matter the program or campaign — your message will always be on point.

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Marketing Positioning

Build visual plans

Say goodbye to chaos by creating visual plans. Quickly build beautiful calendars to show exactly what will be delivered and when. Publish your plans as an image, PDF, or secure web presentation.

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Marketing Activities Calendar

Define activities

See all your marketing activities in one place. Detail what needs to be done, add custom workflows to streamline approvals, and prioritize upcoming work.

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Digital Marketing Project Plan

Analyze results

Set targets and report on the impact of your work. Stay on budget, analyze campaign performance, and clearly see which activities are contributing to your customer acquisition goals.

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Marketing Campaign Reports