Define the whys, whens, and whats

Plan ahead for market success.

Purpose-built for marketing teams

​Aha! is the one tool you need to set strategy, build program plans, and manage campaigns. It is what you have always wanted — replacing the various spreadsheets and documents scattered everywhere. End the chaos and start collaborating across teams in one shared, always-on workspace.

Marketing Management Tools

Your marketing team needs a better way to work

Every marketing team needs a way to capture strategy, create plans, manage work, and report on the effectiveness of your programs and campaigns. We call this the why, when, what, and results of marketing. Finally, there is a way to define, track, and share the impact of everything you do.


Collaborate with everyone on the team

We know that you are doing your best to explain the team’s strategic direction, coordinate schedules, plan activities, and report back on campaign performance. We also know that there are many smaller groups in your marketing organization that need to collaborate — including product, digital, content, and communications teams. Keeping everyone in sync and on schedule can be demanding. From collaborating on a consistent message to streamlining approval processes, managing it all can feel like an impossible task if you do not have the right tool.

Aha! is the world's #1 roadmap software
The world's #1 roadmap software