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Capture every bright idea

Great ideas come from everywhere. So drive innovation by giving everyone a seat at the table — even non-Aha! users. Start capturing actionable feedback in a central place.

Capture every bright idea


Give your community a voice via a branded ideas portal


See a complete overview of all the submitted ideas and top contributors


Idea submitters are automatically notified when the status of their idea changes

Fill in the details

See key information about an idea including its submitter, title, and description. And enhance it by adding tags, attachments, custom fields, comments, and who needs to review it.

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Analyze idea value

You will receive more ideas than you have time to implement. Score each idea against your goals and create a list report to see which ones will have the most impact.

Promote top ideas

Rank ideas by their business value and then get busy. Promote high-value ideas directly into work items with just one click.

Configuring ideas portal

Customize your ideas portal

Choose the right portal access — private or public — and set voting rules. Then make it your own. Fully brand your portal with your own logo, colors, and URL.

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