How should product managers use wireframes?

Using wireframes is not limited to one subset of your product team. Wireframes can be used to collaborate with several teams throughout diverse companies.

At a high level, wireframes can be used to drive value with two different camps:

  • Non-technical

    • Senior management

    • Marketing

    • Sales

    • Customer Support

    • Operations, etc.

  • Technical

    • Product Management

    • UX

    • Engineering

On the non-technical side, wireframes help frame a feature's story to key stakeholders. Wireframes can communicate new features and how product users should interact with them on specific pages.

Perhaps you are launching a new feature in the coming weeks and want to help your Customer Support team get a head start. Wireframes will help them understand the customer journey prior to the product launch.

Or, perhaps you are working with your Marketing team to create and refine a new landing page for upcoming campaigns. You can use a wireframe to help Marketing shape different messaging elements on that page. This helps you all collaborate to build a landing page that converts.

On the technical side, wireframes are used to clearly explain the page/site layout and user experience — and help convey this to your product, design, and engineering teams. The key goal is to make sure that everyone is on the same page. You want to eliminate confusion or room for miscommunication.

You could have separate conversations with your design and engineering teams to verbally describe the different parts of the page and what it should do. But this method leaves a lot of room for error and misinterpretation. Wireframes erase that confusion. They clearly communicate what different components on each page should do. This helps cross-functional product teams work towards the same shared goals.

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