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Analytics dashboard wireframe

Create a wireframe for a data, reporting, or performance dashboard

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Analytics dashboard wireframe large

About the analytics dashboard wireframe

If your product includes an analytics section or data dashboard, you need to align on its layout, functionality, and content. You want to be sure that product, design, development, and other stakeholders have a shared understanding of where data should be and how users will interact with it.

This wireframe template can help spark valuable discussions about information hierarchy and data representation. Make sure to group related elements logically and consider user flow. Then iterate based on feedback, refining details as the wireframe evolves.

Wireframing will minimize confusion as you move into dashboard development. The earlier you establish clarity, the sooner you will be able to get your dashboard to customers.

Best practices

Highlight the key metrics and insights your users are looking for.

  1. Identify metrics Understand the goals of the users who will interact with the analytics dashboard. Define the information they need to see, focusing on the data that is most relevant to their decision-making process.

  2. Design your layout Choose the screen you are designing for — desktop, phone, tablet, or browser. Experiment with the arrangement of charts and graphs on your wireframe, indicating how users can interact with the data to gain deeper insights.

  3. Add more details Consider other elements you need to include in your dashboard — like dropdown menus, filters, and buttons. Adjust the style and color of each one to match your product — without getting too deep into design details.

  4. Gather feedback Involve stakeholders and potential users in the wireframing process. This helps you explore different options to ensure that the dashboard meets the needs of your audience before implementation gets underway.

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