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Product homepage wireframe

Explore layout ideas for a product homepage

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About the product homepage wireframe

Get everyone aligned on the layout, features, and user flow of your product's homepage. Wireframing ensures the team shares a visual guide — minimizing confusion and potential design hurdles.

This template helps you prioritize the essentials. Map out the placement of vital elements like navigation menus, call-to-action buttons, and other essential information. Consider user flow and how the homepage will connect to other product sections.

Whether you are building a new product homepage or updating an existing one, having an upfront plan leads to a better experience for designers, developers, and customers too. This fosters a deeper sense of empathy for everyone that you work with and build for.

How to use

Offer users access to essential product information and features.

  1. Consider user needs Start by defining user goals and the key tasks they need to accomplish. This will help inform the placement of elements on your product page as you wireframe the desired customer experience.

  2. Keep it simple Add the browser component to your whiteboard and use shapes to visualize the basic layout and content of your page. Insert interactive wireframe components — like the nav menu, search bar, and buttons — to highlight the main actions you want users to take.

  3. Add visual details Choose from a library of icons to represent common UI elements, such as settings and notifications — creating a familiar look and feel. Customize your wireframe with your logo, color, and font sizes to match your product.

  4. Iterate fast Share your wireframe with stakeholders and team members to gather feedback early in the design process. Experiment with different layouts and refine your approach to help the UX team create a winning design.

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