Top 10 most popular Aha! features launched in Q4 of 2023

A snapshot into the top features delivered in Q4 of 2023.

January 3, 2024

Top 10 most popular Aha! features launched in Q4 of 2023

by Claire George

Last updated: February 2024

Editor's note: Aha! Notebooks has been split into Aha! Knowledge and Aha! Whiteboards.

So many people are connected to your product. From aligning with leadership on strategy to understanding what your customers want and working with cross-functional teams to build new experiences, you need to keep everyone engaged throughout the product development process. And the Aha! team has been working to make collaborative planning easier every step of the way.

Over the past few months, we launched a trove of new features aimed at making it easier to gather input, make decisions, and collaborate more effectively — keeping the right people involved as you build lovable products.

Gaining alignment on your product strategy is fundamental to product success, and especially as you finalize your 2024 roadmap. Last quarter, we introduced a new prioritization view for initiatives in Aha! Roadmaps to help you focus on the most impactful work. We also made it easier to interact with your structured plans on a whiteboard: Exporting pivot tables and visualizing existing dependencies opens up new ways to work with stakeholders on the best path forward.

In a similar vein, we delivered three updates to Aha! Ideas with a single purpose, giving you better insights into what your customers need. Whether you are creating customer-specific feedback portals, using @mentions to drive more discussion, or capturing additional information about customer requests in Salesforce, each of these enhancements helps you keep customers at the forefront of product decisions.

Over in Aha! Notebooks (which is included in all Aha! products), we kept the momentum going on centralizing and sharing product documentation. You can now use whiteboards to create beautiful wireframes, add links to your document hierarchy to quickly find information that lives in other Aha! workspaces or external tools, and streamline collaboration with new sharing options for notes and whiteboards.

But we did not stop there. Read on for more exciting updates — such as AI-powered release notes and a new retrospective report — that help product teams everywhere work smarter and achieve amazing things.

New in Aha! Roadmaps

Our latest updates in Aha! Roadmaps help you leverage your product data to work smarter and stay aligned.

Score and rank initiatives

Your product initiatives should align with your company's overall strategy. But when time is limited, some initiatives take priority over others. Now, you can rank major efforts in the new prioritization view for initiatives. Define and share the strategic priorities of a single product or an entire portfolio — and keep everyone moving in sync.

Use the same product value score that you use for ideas, epics, and features to create a consistent prioritization framework.

Use the same product value score that you use for ideas, epics, and features to create a consistent prioritization framework.

Plan more collaboratively on whiteboards

We kept introducing creative new ways to leverage whiteboards, which are seamlessly integrated into Aha! Roadmaps. Export pivot reports to a whiteboard so you can get more input on your structured planning data. And visualize dependencies among existing work items — such as ideas, epics, and features — when you add them to a whiteboard. This is a great way to increase transparency as you work with the team to fine-tune delivery plans.

For other whiteboard enhancements, check out the Aha! Notebooks section later on.

Pull existing ideas, epics, features, and other record types into a whiteboard. Then, right-click on the whiteboard to Show dependency lines.

Draft release notes — fast

Release notes are a wonderful opportunity to highlight what you have delivered to customers. And you can now use AI to draft them in record time. Create a list report of recently shipped features, and our AI tool can quickly summarize what is new from the feature names and descriptions.

Save your polished release notes as a new document, then share them with customers as a webpage or custom page in your ideas portal.

Reflect on team performance

Look to the past for insights into how you could improve in the future. New retrospective reports in Aha! Roadmaps and Aha! Develop provide a one-page summary of how the team performed against the plan for a release or sprint. Use these insights to celebrate what went well and identify what could have gone better.

Add your retrospective report to a whiteboard for a productive and collaborative launch retrospective meeting.


New in Aha! Ideas

This quarter, we introduced new functionality in Aha! Ideas to help you go deeper with customer feedback.

Share and discuss ideas privately

Give every customer a private ideas portal experience. A new setting allows you to make ideas visible only to the creator, their organization, and employees within your organization. This means you can have one portal for every one of your users, all while creating a comfortable space for customers to share their honest feedback.

You only need to create a single portal for all of your users — everything is simple for you to set up and manage.

You only need to create a single portal for all of your users — everything is simple for you to set up and manage.

Improve collaboration with @mentions

We were thrilled to deliver your #1 request for ideas portals: @mentions. Enable @mentions in your portal settings, and your portal users will receive an email whenever you mention them. (If you mention an Aha! user, they will receive an Aha! notification). Now, it is easier to proactively engage with the right people in the right place — whether you have a customer-facing portal or one for internal use.

When you @mention a portal user, they will receive an email notification. Fellow Aha! users will receive an Aha! notification.

When you @mention a portal user, they will receive an email notification. Fellow Aha! users will receive an Aha! notification.

Capture more information in Salesforce

We delivered a number of important enhancements to our Salesforce integration. Sales and support teams can now include details (such as priority level and revenue impact) on requests that are connected to accounts, opportunities, and cases. You can import proxy votes from existing Salesforce records as well. These additional insights help you prioritize the ideas that will have the biggest impact.

You can now import proxy votes from existing Salesforce records.


New in Aha! Notebooks

You already have access to powerful notebook functionality if you use any Aha! product. This quarter, we introduced exciting new ways to collaborate with stakeholders and work more efficiently.

Refine early concepts

Get even more creative. We just added the ability to craft wireframes in whiteboards so you can visualize new product experiences and gain alignment before moving forward. Need inspiration to get started? Head to the template library to view examples for a product homepage, signup flow, and analytics dashboard.

Open the Shapes menu to choose from more than 15 commonly used wireframe components.

Streamline document management

Centralize the team's product information in a single place so everyone can access what they need quickly. Now, you can add links to information from other Aha! workspaces or external tools directly to your notebook document hierarchy. Add templates directly to notes and create your own personal document templates to help you work smarter. And as a bonus item, we also made it possible to embed videos and GIFs into whiteboards to help you communicate your ideas clearly.

Share notes and whiteboards freely

We introduced new sharing options for notes and whiteboards to help you collaborate more easily with stakeholders outside of your Aha! account. You can now generate shareable links, invite guests via email, or publish as a webpage. Guests can provide feedback via inline comments, annotations, sticky notes, and emoji reactions in their own free Aha! Notebooks guest accounts.

You can also share notes and whiteboards as a webpage to keep stakeholders informed of your early-stage plans.

You can also share notes and whiteboards as a webpage to keep stakeholders informed of your early-stage plans.

We hope these updates help you stay in lockstep with those who have a stake in your organization's success.

We are excited to embark on another year of new features and enhancements across Aha! Roadmaps, Aha! Ideas, Aha! Notebooks, and Aha! Develop. Want to make sure you do not miss anything? Subscribe to our newsletter to catch up on the latest product updates every month.

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All of these new features are now available to Aha! customers. Our suite of product development tools works seamlessly together to help teams turn raw concepts into valuable new capabilities — for customers and the business. Set strategy, crowdsource feedback, spark creativity, prioritize features, share roadmaps, manage releases, and plan development.

Here for templates? Check out a few of our most popular:

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Claire George

Claire George

Claire is passionate about helping product development teams learn how to bring their strategy to life. She is the director of product marketing at Aha! — the world’s #1 product development software. Claire has 20 years of marketing and software experience. Previously, she led product marketing at an agile-based work management platform.

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