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The central hub for product knowledge

Share beautiful notes and whiteboards with the team

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This is how product teams collaborate

Bring everything together

Bring everything together

Craft documents, design beautiful whiteboards, and manage to-dos — in one place. This is the information hub your team has been waiting for.

  • Create personal and team documents

  • Organize documents into folders

  • Use search to find information fast

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Get inspired

Jumpstart your creativity

Choose from nearly 100 templates for every aspect of product development. Each template is handcrafted by Aha! product experts to help you shine.

  • Get inspired with example data

  • Easily adjust each template

  • Create your own custom templates

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Overview Notebooks - Document your way

Document your way

Discover the next generation of notes — with rich formatting and built-in AI. Document everything from meetings to research and team knowledge.

  • Style documents the way you want

  • Use AI to generate high-quality drafts

  • Work on content simultaneously

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Why product builders love Aha! Notebooks

Centralize everything

Replace your physical notebook, whiteboard app, and other tools with a single notebook for personal use and team collaboration.

Diagram beautifully

Use intuitive drawing functionality to sketch out early-stage ideas, illustrate complex concepts, and design just about anything.

Communicate with AI

Draft documents faster, bring in more research, and refine what you have already written using a powerful, built-in AI writing assistant.

Use guided templates

Choose from a library of note and whiteboard templates built by our own product managers to help you shine in everything you do.

Share seamlessly

Bring others into the conversation — individually or as a group — so you can refine bold new product concepts side by side.

Turn concepts into roadmaps

Brainstorm in Aha! Notebooks, then convert concepts into features in Aha! Roadmaps when you are ready to start building your plans.

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Create Oerview - think visually

Whiteboard concepts

Think visually. World-class drawing capabilities let you create beautiful diagrams and communicate complex product concepts with ease.

  • Visualize the ideal user flow

  • Plan out early-stage roadmaps

  • Define system architectures

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Create overview - collaborate live

Work together

Bring your team together to co-create. Share your documents with anyone — including people outside your account. Then gather input in real time and align on the best path forward.

  • Share documents with anyone

  • Assign to-dos across the team

  • Turn concepts into detailed plans in Aha! Roadmaps

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Stay Organized

Scale knowledge sharing

Trust a tool that was built for dynamic teams. You can create many discreet workspaces and control who has access to what. Define the hierarchy that meets your needs.

  • Create unlimited workspaces

  • Manage user permissions

  • Enable single-sign on

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