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Features icon.5076fea4e107e706a9c7ba4af7ad0b9dBetter features

Describe exactly what your customers want and optimize your backlog to create the greatest business value.

Incorporate design

Designers are people too and great product requires brilliant usability. Get the most out of design by attaching wireframes and mockups directly to features.

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Create Mockups

Building great products requires collaboration and iteration. As you define your features and requirements, quickly create mockups without ever leaving Aha!

Features mockup tool.e27b76fcef850fd7010580bbed461af9

Visualize dependencies

No one wants to get blocked. But it can happen because features are interrelated. Understand how key work is connected to keep the team on schedule.

Aha interactive dependency map.8ef7b8dac0912b128ec2abf312ad6f1f

Work with epics

Master features are a powerful capability for your bigger work items, some call these epics. Quickly track progress of related features that span across several releases.

Aha master features linkedin features.0507a7c5cc3ecf4b6b6a58ef23b893da

Streamline comments

Everyone has an opinion about features. Capture all feedback in a comment stream and even @ mention colleagues and # mention other features.

Features comments.b5e2c7704b904ee82774e14dfb3fe282

Go kanban

Sometimes you need more than a features board. Use the workflow board when you want to view the status of projects in real-time — and what your colleagues are working on.

Features kanban.18fed646e60a5174c6ffbbc98aeaad6b

Generate lists

Other times, you need to view all your features across your products. Choose exactly what to display and customize the columns and filters.

Features list.e2f8e3955389f50b018481dcbf375839
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