Define and prioritize work

Capture exactly what needs to get done

Requirements Management ToolsBetter requirements

Define all of the work in a central place and optimize your backlog to create the greatest business value.

Customize everything

Drive consistency and streamline review cycles. Create custom workflows, statuses, and layouts to match your team's process. Establish approval gates to ensure work is reviewed by the right people at the right time.

Custom workflows

Go kanban

Sometimes you want to see how work is progressing across the team. Use the workflow board to coordinate the team and help everyone be more productive.

Kanban Board Example

Build user story maps

Align work against the user or buyer journey. Create and visualize work based on what your customer is trying to do.

Work with epics

Some items are bigger than an individual feature or activity, but smaller than a strategic initiative. This is where the concept of “master” records helps — a great way to group work items and track the overall effort.

Managing Epics

Visualize dependencies

No one wants to get blocked. But it can happen because work is often interrelated. Understand how key activities are connected to keep the team on schedule.

Dependency Map

Create mockups

Delivering great outcomes requires collaboration and iteration. As you define your requirements, quickly create mockups without ever leaving Aha! and have the team provide feedback.

Online Mockup And Wireframe Tool
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