Create breakthrough marketing plans

Set strategy, build visual marketing plans, and report on program results

Coordinate Marketing Activities Coordinate activities

You can finally manage all marketing activities across product marketing, digital, content, and communications teams in one place.

Manage campaigns

Campaigns are larger bodies of work and a way to group activities. For example, you could group all related activities needed to launch a new multi-month brand advertising effort.

Manage Marketing Campaigns

Streamline approvals

Create custom workflows to streamline how your team works, progress tracking, and the approval process.

Marketing Activity Approvals

Prioritize activities

Take the guesswork out of prioritization. Assign a score based on your marketing goals and the effort of each activity. This ensures the team stays focused on delivering programs that have the biggest impact.

Prioritize Marketing Activities

Create mockups

Great campaigns are backed by great designs. Collaborate on mockups and wireframes so you can quickly iterate and gather feedback.

Marketing Campaign Mockups

Attach your designs

Keeping your creative assets together is vital to moving fast. Attach wireframes, sketches, or graphics created elsewhere directly to your activities so everyone can access the latest designs.

Marketing Campaign Creative Assets