Product Innovation

Learn what your customers actually want

Capture ideas and transform feedback into meaningful solutions that align with product strategy.

Give your customers a voice

Ideas drive innovation. Discover what customers want to achieve with your product and how you can help. Create a central place to gather feedback — so you can determine exactly what will make your product more lovable and create more value for the business.

Track ideas in one place

Managing the constant inflow of ideas can be hard — especially when everything is scattered in emails, spreadsheets, and notes. You need a streamlined way to intake, review, and respond to requests.

Capture all your product feedback in a custom-branded ideas portal. Organize, visualize, and analyze related data so you can identify trends and prioritize strategically. You can also respond directly to requests so your customers know their input is valued and heard.

The ability to capture ideas keeps us focused on what customers actually want. This makes it easier to prioritize what to build. It also lets us show how we are delivering customer value.

Ryan Bergstrom

Chief Product Officer, Paycor

Why product teams love Aha! Ideas

Crowdsource feedback

Engage your community to find out what matters most. Customers can vote and comment on ideas, so you can better validate urgency and impact. Add custom branding and make your portal available in multiple languages — including English, Spanish, German, French, and Dutch.

Review every idea

Monitor the influx of requests through your ideas dashboard. You can see a complete view of all submissions as well as top contributors. Custom workflows and statuses simplify the review process so you can efficiently evaluate every idea.

Organize feedback into categories — so you can see how ideas map to a particular area of your product or emerging customer need. Visualizing trends across each category helps you better understand and pinpoint opportunities.

Analyze value

Use the product value scorecard to rank ideas against strategic goals. Assess the idea with prioritization metrics — such as population and need — and then score ideas before adding to your backlog. Now you know exactly what will deliver the most value.

Communicate directly

Keep customers informed of progress. Anyone who creates, votes, or comments on an idea is automatically informed as the idea status changes. This level of transparency ensures customers feel feel included in the future of your product.

Promote ideas to your roadmap

Seamlessly incorporate community insights into your strategic planning process when you choose Aha! Roadmaps. It includes everything you need to set strategy, prioritize work, and build visual plans — including essential idea management capabilities.