Employee engagement

Create a culture of curiosity

Give everyone in your organization a place to share ideas, advocate for customers, and think beyond today.

Jumpstart innovation from within

Business growth requires looking to the future. From suggesting new products and services to solving specific business challenges, employees are a source of forward-thinking ideas. Create an environment where everyone on the team is invested in company innovation. Inspire teammates across your organization to share their suggestions in a central place — so you can turn the best ideas into actionable plans.

Great ideas are everywhere (if you listen)

You want to give everyone a chance to share so the winning ideas can shine. But the influx is tough to manage when you rely on emails and spreadsheets. Or worse, ideas are never shared at all because people are not sure where to go.

There is a better way. Empower your entire organization to submit ideas and vote on behalf of customers. Prioritize the best ones against your goals and monitor status in real time.

We can now engage our employees more effectively. The Aha! ideas portal is a great way to capture suggestions. This gives everyone a voice and drives innovation — so we can advance our organization together.

Wes Kronkite

Vice President, Innovation, BrightSpring Health

Why innovation teams love Aha! Ideas

Drive employee innovation

Create a private portal just for employees. Folks can share suggestions, voice opinions, and vote on ideas that will move your business forward. Only registered users can access your portal, keeping those valuable insights secure.

Advocate for customers

Give sales and support teams a way to share customer requests. Proxy voting is a great way to represent what customers are asking for and capture vital details — such as who the customer is and the value of the opportunity.

Streamline your process

View and categorize suggestions in the ideas dashboard. You can then score ideas against goals related to different parts of your business. Create custom statuses so you can efficiently move ideas through the steps in your workflow.

Analyze business value

Add financial data and expected resources to ideas. Estimate impact and costs so you can make better-informed decisions and report on projected business value in a meaningful way.

Track innovation KPIs

Monitor how your innovation program is progressing. Analyze idea trends by category and highlight team progress — including the status of ideas and the number of requests shipped each month.

Promote ideas to your roadmap

Seamlessly incorporate community insights into your strategic planning process when you choose Aha! Roadmaps. It includes everything you need to set strategy, prioritize work, and build visual plans — including essential idea management capabilities.