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Aha! Roadmaps is a complete product management solution — everything you need to set a bold strategy, prioritize exactly what to build, and showcase product plans.

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Set brilliant strategy, prioritize features, and share visual plans in our interactive roadmap planner

Gantt chart in Aha! Roadmaps

Product roadmap planner

Product teams build the future. But knowing what features to prioritize is not easy. Product management, UX design, engineering, marketing, sales, and support must all work together to truly understand how to deliver the most value to customers.

Whether you are launching a brand new product or enhancing an existing one, roadmap planning software provides a centralized location to track cross-functional work and report on progress in real time.

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Marketing calendar in Aha!

Marketing roadmap planner

Marketing teams drive business growth — and stay busy doing it. There are budgeting decisions to be made, advertising issues to resolve, and go-to-market milestones to meet. But your marketing strategy can get lost in the slew of campaigns and requests.

A roadmap planner helps marketers put goals first, navigate complex dependencies, and automate routine workflows so you can prioritize and report on your most important work.

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Project roadmap planner

Every project is unique. Project managers must navigate different teams, different tasks, and different objectives. You have to allocate resources, track dependencies, and report on progress. When everyone is working in siloed tools, this can cause inefficiencies.

Roadmap planning software provides a single location for cross-functional teams to come together on project-related work. Link everything to big-picture goals and seamlessly visualize progress.

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Business roadmap planner

Are you on track to reach annual goals? How are you progressing against hiring initiatives? Answers to these questions should be at your fingertips. But these things can be difficult to track — especially if you are using static spreadsheets or presentations.

Bring your business strategy to the forefront with a purpose-built roadmap planner. Drive organizational success by defining company-wide goals and tracking critical business metrics. That way every department understands what needs to be accomplished.

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Frequently asked questions about roadmaps

What is the difference between a roadmap and a product plan?

Your roadmap is a visualization of your strategic plans and how you plan to achieve them. A product plan drills into the details of how each goal or initiative will be accomplished.

What should be included in a roadmap?

Every roadmap should communicate what you are building, when you are building it, and why. The details will vary from team to team, but most roadmaps include:

1. Goals and initiatives

2. Releases and milestones

3. Epics and features

4. Timeline

What does a good roadmap look like?

The most compelling visual roadmaps provide clear direction for where a product team is going. Your roadmap should reflect up-to-date progress and unite everyone around a shared plan for achieving your business and product goals. Explore roadmap best practices to learn more.

How does a roadmap planner help organize work for product teams?

A roadmap planner provides structure and clarity for a product manager's work. It helps you define strategy, the work needed to achieve your goals, and a timeline for doing so. Use a roadmap planner to align on cross-functional work and report on progress — helping the team stay focused on the features that matter most to your customers.

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