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Set a winning strategy and build visual roadmaps

Aha! Roadmaps is the best product management software for modern teams. Choose from a library of roadmapping templates, then craft the perfect roadmap view to communicate your product strategy and business goals.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

Manually updating scattered documents is chaotic and time-consuming. Excel and PowerPoint roadmap templates are quick for getting started — but make it difficult to keep the entire product team aware of how work is progressing.

Ready to lead your product team with something more dynamic? Ditch the stagnant spreadsheets for live, interactive, and customizable roadmap tools you can build in seconds. Plus — explore a variety of roadmap templates for different audiences.

Explore dynamic roadmap templates ➝

Custom roadmap in Aha!

Bring your product vision to life

Create a vivid picture of where you want to be in the future. With Aha! Roadmaps, you can capture product vision and more — with templates for positioning, personas, strategic goals, and initiatives.

Initiatives allow you to define the high-level efforts to invest in. With our custom roadmap templates, you can create a top-down view of your initiatives and show how each team will contribute to their success.

Choose a roadmap template ➝

Feature roadmap in Aha!

Prioritize the right features

You want to define exactly what needs to get done and when based on estimated product value. Set a product value score in Aha! Roadmaps to consistently track value delivery throughout product development — and to help you decide what features to include on your product roadmap.

Once your features are in progress, use the feature roadmap template to view details like value score, release dates, and feature statuses all at once.

Build visual plans ➝

Project Gantt Chart

Deliver product releases on time

As a product manager, you need to know exactly what is happening and when. But every product launch is unique — different teams, different goals, different timelines. A clear roadmap is fundamental to staying on track.

Gantt charts and go-to-market roadmap templates help you manage cross-functional work and standardize the launch process across your organization. Track every dependency and see live progress. This way the broader team stays accountable — so you can deliver flawlessly every time.

Get aligned on product plans ➝

Presentation controls on an Aha! presentation.

Deliver winning roadmap presentations

From real-time roadmaps to powerful presentations — showcase your brilliant plans all in one place with Aha! Roadmaps. Take nearly any Aha! view like your vision, personas, roadmaps, and reports and add it to an interactive slide.

Present and collaborate on roadmap templates with a secure shared webpage. Customers, partners, and internal teams — you can create different versions quickly and tailor the message for each audience.

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Create a variety of roadmaps

Frequently asked questions about roadmaps

What is a roadmap?

A roadmap is a visualization of a strategic plan. Product development teams use roadmaps to communicate product direction and progress to internal teams and external stakeholders.

What is a roadmap template?

A roadmap template is a pre-formatted roadmap that you can customize with information on releases, features, timelines, and more. Roadmap templates save you the trouble of starting from scratch and provide inspiration for what you want to display.

What are the different types of roadmap templates?

Roadmap templates are flexible and can be adapted to fit your specific needs. Choose from a high-level view like a strategy roadmap, a multi-product portfolio roadmap, a detailed features roadmap, or create your own with a starter or custom roadmap.

What kinds of roadmap templates does Aha! Roadmaps include?

Aha! Roadmaps offers an extensive library of roadmap templates. Start by entering your product data, then choose from a variety of strategy roadmap templates, features roadmap templates, and custom roadmap templates. You can fully customize each one with the exact data and layout you need and share it with the rest of your team.

How can I import my data to Aha! Roadmaps?

It is easy to bring your existing work through a basic CSV import or from other tools with our array of integrations.

Expand your roadmap expertise

The Aha! team has decades of product management experience. And we want to share that knowledge so you can build lovable products and be happy doing it.