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Set a winning strategy and build visual roadmaps

Aha! Roadmaps is a complete product management solution. Save time by choosing from a library of visual roadmapping templates. Craft the perfect view to achieve your product strategy and business goals.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

Free Excel and PowerPoint templates are often where people first start with roadmapping. But working with scattered documents quickly becomes chaotic. Roadmaps become stale and manual updates are time-consuming. This makes it difficult to keep the entire product team aware of how work is progressing.

Are you ready to lead your team with something more dynamic than stagnant spreadsheets and presentations? Enter your data in our product management tool and use a variety of templates to build roadmaps for different audiences.

Create your roadmap ➝

Bring your vision to life

Are you trying to visualize a top-down view of your company initiatives with a strategy roadmap? Or do you need to an agile roadmap to see how you can quickly deliver value to customers? Maybe you need a technology roadmap to present how your organization will support internal and external customers over the next quarter?

Our library has hundreds of unique roadmap template views to create the perfect view for any audience. Use Aha! presentations to share snapshots from a point in time or dynamic views that update when the underlying plans change.

Choose a template ➝

Prioritize the right features

Effective product development requires a cross-functional team with members from design, engineering, marketing, IT, sales, support, and finance. A development roadmap keeps all of these groups aware of progress and any potential blockers that need to be addressed.

Import your data in our product management tool and use a variety of cloud-based roadmap templates to build roadmaps for different audiences. Are you ready to lead your team with something more dynamic than stagnant spreadsheets and presentations?

Build visual plans ➝

Deliver releases on time

Product and project managers must keep chaos in check. You need to know exactly what is happening and when. But every launch is unique — different teams, different goals, different timelines. A clear project plan is fundamental to making the best decision that keep major milestones on track and on budget.

Our roadmap templates help you to standardize cross-functional releases across your entire organization and allocate resources to maximize efficiency. Track every dependency and see progress in real time.

Prioritize your work ➝

Build products customers love

Product managers are responsible for the success of a product. Whether you are managing a single product or portfolio of multiple products, creating a product roadmap can rally an entire organization around a shared vision so real customer value can be delivered, faster.

But even better is when you can report back and how how the impact of your work. You can visualize product data in different ways. Quickly import your data to start from one of the more than 75 example reports in Aha! Roadmaps — or create your own custom view.

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Frequently asked questions about roadmaps

What is a roadmap?

Roadmaps visualize a plan to meet a set of business objectives. Roadmaps communicate product direction and progress to internal teams and external stakeholders.

What is a roadmap template?

A roadmap template is a preformatted guide that you can use to create your own roadmap. Templates save you the trouble of starting from scratch and provide inspiration for what you want to display.

What are the different types of roadmap templates?

Roadmap templates are flexible and can be adapted to fit your specific needs. Choose from a high-level view like a strategy roadmap, a multi-product portfolio roadmap, a detailed features roadmap, or create your own with a starter or custom roadmap.

What kinds of templates does Aha! Roadmaps offer?

Aha! Roadmaps offers an extensive library of roadmap templates. Start by quickly entering your product data. Then choose from more than 70 example reports. Finally, customize them with the exact data and layout you need and share it with the rest of your team.

How can I import my data to Aha! Roadmaps?

We make it easy to bring your existing work through several import options. A CSV import is the most basic, flexible data import option. You can also import data from other tools.