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Get it right and be loved. Choose from a variety of visual roadmapping templates powered by the Aha! data model. Enter data once and use it everywhere.

portfolio roadmap example

Portfolio roadmap

Select which products and projects you wish to highlight, then show how they deliver value against the strategic initiatives that you are investing in.

Strategic initiatives roadmap example

Strategy roadmap

This roadmap is perfect for visualizing your company or team strategy. It provides a top-down view of your initiatives and when the team will be working on them. Color the bars by status and show which goals the initiatives are linked to.

Features roadmap example

Features and activities roadmap

This is the get-out-of-chaos roadmap. You spend countless hours every month editing spreadsheets and presentations for customers and internal teams — explaining what is coming when. Now you can stop the mayhem.

Custom product roadmap example

Custom roadmap

Feeling ambitious? You can actually create hundreds of unique timeline views and truly bring your data to life — your way. Choose from a library of examples and modify one to create the perfect view for any audience.

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