Report on progress

Easily answer “What have you done lately?"

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Build a chart of your strategic initiatives and visualize them by revenue impact


Visualize the volume and status of ideas in your backlog


Analyze delivery metrics and see the work your team has completed over time

Reports overview

It has never been easier to build, save, and share the perfect report. Start from one of the more than 75 example reports or create your own. Add multiple views to create an interactive dashboard and display key performance indicators in a single view.

List report

Compile information in a list table that you can filter and sort. Include records from all of your workspaces and then filter your report to create the perfect view.

Pivot reports

Gain insight into what has been delivered and the go-forward plans. Create new pivot table reports to drive changes based on findings.


Use charts to make better prioritization decisions and understand how well you are doing against your goals. Charts also help you guarantee that everyone knows exactly what your team has accomplished.

Capacity report

Visualize what each person is working on to understand what work will be completed and when. Quickly assess who is overcapacity and who can take on more work.

Hierarchy report

Visualize relationships across your goals, initiatives, schedules, and work. By linking your strategy to your work, the business value that each effort delivers quickly becomes evident.


See the relationships between your products and projects, goals, initiatives, and schedules — all in one place. This also helps you find "orphan" goals or initiatives.

Custom reports

Build custom reports and views with the data that is meaningful to you. Add as many data columns as you need and use advanced filters to focus on the most relevant information.

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