Plan with confidence

Capture every detail of the work to be done

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Identify exactly what needs to be done and when so you can launch on target


Stay on top of dates and dependencies to keep cross-functional teams in sync


Schedules change. Have confidence that the team will be notified automatically

Standardize delivery

Bring consistency to your team by creating templates for delivering work that include important phases, milestones, and to-dos.

Plan ahead

Quickly build a calendar to visualize work and to-dos in a monthly view. It is perfect for coordinating all of your dates in one view.

Estimate work

Ensure that the work you have prioritized can be finished on time. Set estimates in hours or points and have each team member provide updates as work is completed.

Manage capacity

Visualize each person's workload so you can identify who is under or overcapacity and reallocate work to meet delivery dates.

Burn it down

Monitor the real-time progress of all work. See status, burn-up, and burn-down measured against your launch date.

Deliver it

You know the satisfying feeling of a great launch. So share it. Once work has been successfully delivered, mark it as completed and automatically notify the team.

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