Present your product roadmap

Set strategy, capture customer ideas, and prioritize features

Easily Build a Product Management Report Share your brilliant plans

Publish and share nearly any screen in Aha! — choose from your strategy, features, roadmaps, analytics, and more. Create a presentation and include slides of your perfectly crafted views.

Upload external images

Add images to tell a deeper story. Spice up your features roadmap with a sketch to help the team visualize how the upcoming functionality will look.

Add Design Mockups To Presentation Slides

Add custom slides

Sometimes you need a simple text slide. And other times you need the ability to add text on top of Aha! views. Customize your slides with images, shapes, and text to create a beautiful presentation.

Customize Roadmap Presentation Slides

Keep data fresh

No more worrying about version control. You can decide if the views you share are snapshots from a point in time or automatically updated when the underlying plans change.

Keep Product Management Reports Fresh


Delivering great product plans takes teamwork. Invite your team to provide feedback and help you build a compelling presentation.

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