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A business model defines your framework for success. It is your unique DNA and what makes your approach to the market and serving customers special. Articulate your value proposition, key advantages, go-to-market plans, and more.

Vision explains the "why"

Create a vivid picture of where you want your product to be in the future. That is your vision. Make better decisions — faster — because your team will be aligned and able to maintain clear focus.

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Know thy customer

Paint a picture of your customers by creating custom personas. Describe everything about them and then link the personas to actual features so you know who you are building for.

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Track the competition

Create in-depth profiles of key competitors and publish the info for your team. Capture critical information such as revenue, customers, growth rate, and your own custom fields.

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Set goals

Highlight your strategic objectives and the KPIs that you plan on achieving. Track your progress against the goals so the team knows how the business is doing.

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Identify initiatives

Determine the key strategic workstreams that will help you realize your goals. Initiatives allow you to define the high-level programs to invest in, then group releases and features under them.

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Roadmap software to manage your products.
Finally, connect strategy to execution.