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What gets measured gets managed and insights come from deep analysis. Easily analyze all of your data in Aha! without having to export it or enter it twice.

Reports dashboard

It has never been easier to build, file, and share the perfect report. Organize your Aha! views, charts, and roadmaps or use one of the more than 50 product management templates in the reports dashboard.

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List reports

With the List table, you can add column headers for every data object in Aha! and then filter and sort to present different views.

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Pivot reports

Gain insight into what has been delivered and the go-forward plans. You can create new pivot table reports to drive changes based on findings.

Pivot report.c0909d81591c7d00384613475de99738


Use charts to make better prioritization decisions and understand how well you are doing against your goals. Charts also help you guarantee that everyone knows exactly what your team has accomplished.


Hierarchy reports

Visualize relationships across your goals, initiatives, releases, and features. By linking your strategy to your work, the strategic value that each release and feature delivers to your product quickly becomes evident.

Hierarchy report.eacc782bf10c9427835665ad17bdff61


See the relationships between your product lines, products, goals, initiatives, and releases all on one screen. This helps you find "orphan" goals or initiatives.


Custom reports

Build custom reports and customize views with the data that is meaningful to you. Aha! lets you choose from more than 100 different data objects.

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