Craft the perfect marketing strategy

Set strategy, build program plans, and manage campaigns

Start with Product Strategy First Define success

Your strategy sets the direction for your marketing activities. This keeps the team focused on what matters most — so you can successfully acquire, keep, and grow customers.

Know the competition

Build and track competitor profiles to keep your team informed. Capture key information such as revenue, customers, products, and growth rate — then see how you stack up.

Marketing Competitors Template

Focus on the audience

Keep your focus where it should be — on your buyers. Create personas and then quickly link each one to your activities so you never lose sight of who your campaigns are for.

Market Position Targeting

Craft your positioning

A positioning framework helps define how your product uniquely addresses the needs of your customers. Ensure that everyone on the marketing team is aligned on how to best present your value.

Marketing Positioning Template

Set creative direction

Collaborate on creative briefs to streamline campaign planning and creative work. Define essential elements such as program objectives, audience, customer truths, and brand voice.

Marketing Creative Brief

Define strategic goals

You want to do strategic work that will power the growth of the business. Start by defining your objectives and bring more purpose and impact to your marketing work.

Strategic Marketing Goals

Identify initiatives

Determine the key work themes that will help you realize your goals. Initiatives allow you to first define the high-level programs to invest in and then group schedules and activities under them.

Marketing Initiatives Chart
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