Build cross-functional marketing plans

Set strategy, build program plans, and manage campaigns

Marketing Activities Calendar Plan ahead for market success

Dates matter. Especially when it comes to product launches and customer events. Coordinate all of your cross-functional marketing activities in one place to regain your confidence.

Capture the details

Open each calendar item to edit and view the details. Assign an owner, add tags, and link each item to a strategic goal or initiative.

Marketing Activity Details

Use the Gantt chart

Sometimes you need a more detailed project plan. A classic Gantt chart is perfect for complex product or new advertising campaign launches. It is the best way to eliminate uncertainty and to make sure that the team is ready to deliver.

Product Launch Gantt Chart

Visualize dependencies

Avoid the dreaded “blockers.” They always seem to show themselves when lots of work is interrelated. Understand how teams and activities are connected to stay on schedule.

Marketing Activity Dependencies
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