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Product requirements document

Communicate what you are building, who it is for, and how it will deliver value to customers

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About the PRD template

Fast-moving agile teams do not want to be bogged down by creating (and continuously updating) lengthy PRDs. But there are still plenty of scenarios where a PRD is imperative — to help align the team around what the product should do.

This PRD template is an editable note-style format with sections for product requirements, release requirements, epic requirements, and feature requirements. Use it to capture details that cross-functional teams need to complete their work. Clear documentation can ensure that expectations are met and the scope of work is understood.

Modify the template to reflect the unique details of your product or company. Think beyond "requirements" and provide the team with any information that will help them get to the core of what customers really need.

Best practices

Define what will be delivered in a new product, release, or feature set.

  1. Choose your format Start with the table that fits your needs best — product requirements, release requirements, epic requirements, or feature requirements. Outline the high-level direction and include objectives, assumptions, scope, and ownership.

  2. Layer in more specific details Consider what cross-functional teammates need to do their jobs well. Add timing, milestones, and dependencies. Eliminate rows that may not be relevant to your plans.

  3. Invite collaborators to the note Rather than prescribe exact product functionality and interactions, the goal is to inspire teammates with enough information to create elegant solutions. Ask the team to add comments, links, and questions directly in the note.

  4. Build out your plans Update your PRD to track status as work gets underway. Or try Aha! Roadmaps to move seamlessly from planning to implementation.

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