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Teamwork, Plans, Research

Pros and cons

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of any approach — for improved clarity and decision-making

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About the pros and cons template

Being successful is about making choices every day that improve your product and benefit your customers. Every conversation, meeting, and customer idea is an opportunity for creative problem-solving.

Use the pros and cons template when you want to sketch out the viability of any approach. Its format is ideal for comparing and contrasting three or more paths forward — then working with the team to identify a plan of action.

When you know something is aligned with your strategic direction, you want to move quickly. Convert the recommendations you have outlined into ideas and features in Aha! Roadmaps. This makes it possible to connect deep thinking to your daily work.

Best practices

Explore different angles and be confident in your decisions.

  1. Think critically Narrow in on a problem you want to solve and outline three or more possible solutions. Work through the pros and cons for each, using sticky notes to jot down potential benefits and drawbacks of each approach.

  2. Challenge your assumptions Invite teammates to the whiteboard and openly discuss what is missing. Refine your thinking together and color-code stickies so the most important ideas stand out.

  3. Align on a path forward Add recommended next steps right in the template. If you are ready to move forward, you can convert any recommendations into ideas or features in Aha! Roadmaps and start defining the details.

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