Aha! Roadmaps + Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Safeguard your strategic plans

Control access to your Aha! Roadmaps account via Microsoft Azure Active Directory. This SAML-enabled integration protects your business applications and reduces login friction for users. You can also enable single sign-on (SSO) with Microsoft Azure Active Directory to manage access to your Aha! ideas portals and any Aha! view or presentation that you publish as a shared webpage.

Streamline user provisioning

Simplify the creation, removal, and maintenance of user access. This integration makes it easy to manage all of your company's applications in one place and prevent unauthorized access. Once a user is added via Microsoft Azure Active Directory, an Aha! account administrator can define a user’s permissions — keeping your strategic plans secure.

Make logins hassle-free

SSO makes it easy for users to access your Roadmaps account. You can also enable SSO in your ideas portals — so customers and employers can log in and share their feedback. You can also use this integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory to manage access to shared webpages like presentations, reports, and dashboards.