Customer empathy

Discover what your customers think and feel

From empathy sessions to in-app community feedback, find new way to connect with your customers.

Deeply understand your customers

Empathy is the secret to product success. Understanding exactly what customers are feeling and thinking as they use your product helps you put their needs at the center of every decision. Develop real rapport — so you can gain the insights you need to make your product even more lovable.

Conduct user research

Product managers are consistently told that they need to be empathetic. Customers often tell you "what" they need. But understanding "why" can be harder to discern. This is why curiosity is so important. You need to learn who your users are, the problems they are trying to solve, and what they actually want.

Choose from a variety of feedback tools. Live empathy sessions and in-app community feedback deliver the insights you need. Analyze all your data in a central place that is purpose-built for user research.

We are now far more empathetic to our customers' needs. Aha! helps us crystalize what their pain points actually are, rather than hypothesizing what we think they want.

Shri Iyer

Vice President of Product Management, SimpleLegal

Why teams love Aha! Ideas

Schedule conversations

Invite groups of customers or employees to a live empathy session. This is a perfect way to bring together people who voted or commented on the same idea — so you can gain a deeper understanding of a shared need from multiple points of view.

Ask the right questions

Lead the conversation with confidence. Create a discussion guide so you can get the most out of your empathy session. Define the topic, craft questions in an unbiased way, and set the right order for maximum learning.

Increase understanding

Knowing the pain helps you deliver better solutions. Choose the right conversation tools to help participants express their thoughts. Launch polls so you can add quantitative insights to reinforce your qualitative research.

Get immediate insights

Collect feedback while customers are actually using your product. In-app community feedback makes it easy to find out what users think of a specific feature — either during beta testing or after the launch — so you can iteratively improve the experience.

Analyze product feedback

Review a complete transcript from each feedback session. Analyze the conversation and highlight the most insightful comments. Then summarize the main learnings in a dedicated space so you turn feedback into actionable ideas.

Promote ideas to your roadmap

Seamlessly incorporate community insights into your strategic planning process when you choose Aha! Roadmaps. It includes everything you need to set strategy, prioritize work, and build visual plans — including essential idea management capabilities.