Top 9 New Aha! Software Features Launched in Q4 2022

Top Aha! features released in Q4 2022.

January 11, 2023

Top 9 New Aha! Software Features Launched in Q4 2022

by Ron Yang

How did you wrap up 2022? If you are like us, the last quarter of the year is full of energy and excitement. It is rewarding to look back on all that you have accomplished for your customers. And as you celebrate problems solved, you build on your motivation to achieve even more. That is why we are committed to launching new features and enhancements every week in Aha! software — so your entire product team has the best possible tools for delivering value to customers.

Over the last few months, we enhanced every step of the product development process — from researching what customers want to ideating with the team, visualizing your plans, and highlighting value delivered.

We continue to focus on improvements across the Aha! suite. New releases for Aha! Roadmaps centered around helping you accomplish your strategic plans — visualizing how strategy connects to work, cross-team dependencies, and product KPIs. New feedback polls for the Aha! Ideas Advanced plan make it faster than ever to get customer input. And for organizations that use the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), Aha! Develop now supports program increments, so you can coordinate delivery at scale.

Perhaps most exciting — the launch of Aha! Create opened up new possibilities for creative thinking. (Editor's note: Aha! Create is now Aha! Notebooks. See what is new.)

Now anyone can craft beautiful notes and whiteboards as a standalone product. Of course, this functionality has been available to our existing customers as an integrated part of Aha! Roadmaps, Aha! Ideas, and Aha! Develop (at no additional cost) for some time. But it now also gives you a way to share documents with people outside of your account — so you can refine concepts together in real time. Be sure to check out the growing library of guided templates to help you do your best thinking.

Let's take a look back at the top functionality launched last quarter:

New in Aha! Roadmaps

We introduced several enhancements to help you better visualize product data across teams and levels of your organization — including the ability to bring more views to dynamic dashboards.

See more levels of strategy in reports

Weave a red thread of strategy — from company goals all the way down to your team's tactical work. You can now add up to five levels of roll-up goals or initiatives to custom roadmaps and pivot reports. With goals and initiatives consistently linked at each level of your organization, you can see how your strategy ties together with a timeline or pivot report.

Customize field labels in the list report after adding roll-up fields to match your organizational structure.

Visualize cross-team dependencies

Gantt charts and strategy roadmaps now show all relationships between records — even if the work is being done by another team. Expand the new Other dependencies section to see all related work and identify risks. Optionally hide connector lines for all or individual records depending on your desired view. This helps teams manage complex releases and launch with confidence.

Move records along the timeline to resolve dependency conflicts across teams and automatically update the corresponding dates.

Bring new views into your dashboards

Dashboards are a great way to combine multiple reports into one interactive view. And they just got even better with seven new panels — including dependency reports, features roadmaps, rich text annotations, and more. Now you can create one complete view of product plans and progress to share with your team.

Arrange up to 20 panels per dashboard where you can open any record for additional details or make updates as necessary.

New in Aha! Ideas

We launched two major improvements to feedback polls for customers on the Aha! Ideas Advanced plan — so you can gather more quantitative feedback to inform your product decisions.

Launch polls directly in your application

In addition to publishing feedback polls in your ideas portal with Aha! Ideas Advanced, we made it possible to seek customer input more proactively. Launch polls in your application using the in-app feedback widget — so you can gather input while people are actively using your product.

Choose your brand color and the URL of the page where you want to launch your poll, then activate the widget.

Email a poll link to subscribers of related ideas

Want to target a more specific audience with your poll? You can now email a poll link to anyone who voted on related ideas in your portal. You already know they are invested in the outcome so will be likely to engage. Pick the specific ideas that you want to include and personalize the message to your liking.

New in Aha! Create

Editor's note: Aha! Create is now Aha! Notebooks. See what is new.

Since launching Aha! Create, we have been adding new templates to the library almost weekly. We also made it possible to share documents with the team, giving you a new way to ideate together.

Showcase your best thinking

Get inspired by a trove of beautiful templates. We recently added a bunch of new ones — including a product roadmap, product requirements document (PRD), user story map, kanban board, and sprint retrospective. These templates come with best practices and example data to spark your creativity. Quickly fill in the details to visualize your thoughts.

Work from a blank canvas or choose from our gallery of guided templates to visualize your thinking.

Share personal documents

Explore and refine new concepts together. Create a personal note or whiteboard and share it with anyone — including non-Aha! users. They can then access your document in their own Aha! Create account for free. As a reminder, you can create and share personal documents within Aha! Roadmaps, Aha! Ideas, and Aha! Develop from the My work section of your account. You maintain full control over who can view and edit the details.

Choose between giving view-only or full-edit access to whiteboards.

New in Aha! Develop

In Q4 we introduced two major enhancements — program increments for companies following the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and a new report to highlight the impact of your engineering team.

Visualize features by program increment

Many of our customers need to coordinate development across multiple teams. Now in Aha! Develop you can group teams together under a team line to create an agile release train (ART). We also added "program increments" as a record type — so you can plan and track sprints across teams.

If you use Aha! Develop with Aha! Roadmaps, you can link program increments to your strategic product initiatives.

Highlight value delivered

Report on the total product value your engineering team has delivered. The product value delivered report translates engineering effort into value delivered for customers by leveraging product value scores set in Aha! Roadmaps. Empower engineering to collaborate closely with product management and be recognized for their achievements.

Drill in to see exactly which features contributed to the overall value delivered.

We are passionate about empowering product development teams to achieve more for their customers.

We will continue to help your entire team work better together and deliver more value in 2023. So, keep an eye out for more meaningful updates to Aha! Roadmaps, Aha! Ideas, Aha! Create, and Aha! Develop. Want to ensure you do not miss new releases for Aha! software? Subscribe to our monthly newsletter — each month we recap the latest updates across our suite of products.

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These new features are available to all Aha! customers. Our suite of product development tools works seamlessly together to help teams turn raw concepts into valuable new capabilities — for customers and the business. Set strategy, spark creativity, crowdsource ideas, prioritize features, share roadmaps, manage releases, and plan development. Sign up for a free 30-day trial or join a live demo to see why more than 600,000 product builders trust our software to build lovable products and be happy doing it.

Aha! is a trademark of Aha! Labs Inc. Scaled Agile Framework® and SAFe® are registered trademarks of Scaled Agile, Inc.

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Ron builds lovable products. He was the VP of Product Management and UX at Aha! — the world’s #1 product development software. Ron has more than 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship and leading product teams. Previously, Ron founded and sold his own company and has been on the founding team of multiple venture-backed companies.

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