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A blank slate has endless possibilities but a tried-and-true template can be a blueprint for productivity. Templates in Aha! Create empower you to start your next collaborative session with structure and inspiration. Your Aha! account includes a growing library of purpose-built templates for whiteboards that you can use for ideation, planning, prioritization, sprint retrospectives, and more.

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Add a template to your whiteboard

While editing a whiteboard, select the Template icon on your toolbar. From here, you can use the search bar at the top to find a specific template or browse templates by category on the left. Click a template to see its description. Click Use template to add the template to your whiteboard.

Since a whiteboard provides infinite space, you can add multiple templates to a single whiteboard. We recommend adding frames to your whiteboard and then adding the templates within those frames.


Template library

Brainstorming session

Quickly capture ideas, group them into themes, and identify solutions to any problem.

Useful for: ✓ Ideation ✓ Meetings

How to use the brainstorming session template:

  • Define the problem

  • Create sticky notes for each idea

  • Assign a color to each person

  • Organize your ideas into themes

  • Create sticky notes for solutions

  • Use 👍 to vote on the best ideas


Customer journey map

Collaborate with your team to identify improvements across the customer journey.

Useful for: ✓ Research

How to use the customer journey map:

  • Discuss each step of the customer journey row by row

  • Complete Actions for all steps before moving on to Touchpoints

  • Use sticky notes to capture data in each section

  • Identify solutions that will improve each step

  • Use 👍 to vote on the best ideas and solutions

  • Share findings with your team


Mind map

Diagram each component of your customer experiences.

Useful for: ✓ Brainstorming

How to use the mind map:

  • Choose a central topic for your mind map to focus on

  • Break out related thoughts by adding branches

  • Click on one thought and select the blue dot to connect it to a new thought


Pros and cons list

Be confident in your choices by weighing the positives and negatives.

Useful for: ✓ Research

How to use the pros and cons table:

  • Outline each choice with a name and brief description

  • List pros and cons on individual sticky notes

  • Summarize and share your recommendation


Sprint retrospective

Reflect on completed work as a team and identify ways to improve.

Useful for: ✓ Meetings

How to use the sprint retrospective template:

  • Reflect on the previous sprint

  • Assign a color to each person

  • Use sticky notes to share input

  • Use 👍 to vote on others' notes

  • Discuss as a team

  • Identify and assign action items


Sticky note pack

Jot your ideas down on sticky notes.

Useful for: ✓ Ideation ✓ Design

How to use the sticky note pack:

  • Add your thoughts to a sticky note

  • Place the sticky note anywhere you need to point out relevant details


SWOT analysis

Identify what you do well, what you can improve, and how you compare.

Useful for: ✓ Research

How to use the SWOT analysis:

  • Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

  • Use 👍 to vote on the most important items


2x2 prioritization matrix

Identify the most valuable projects to work on next with a 2x2 prioritization matrix.

Useful for: ✓ Research ✓ Strategy ✓ Planning

How to use the 2x2 prioritization matrix:

  • Create sticky notes to represent each upcoming project

  • Place sticky notes in the appropriate matrix section

  • Share findings with your team


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