IT roadmap templates

Roadmap templates help you visualize and communicate your IT team's plans. You can use IT roadmaps at every level of work — from communicating high-level technology strategy to visualizing individual projects and tasks. Quickly capture the goals you plan to achieve and the initiatives or major themes of work that will help you reach them. Then show the more detailed work you will deliver and when — so internal teams can understand how the IT team's work impacts overall business strategy.

This guide includes three downloadable templates to help you create some of the most common IT roadmap views:

  • IT systems roadmap

  • Technology roadmap

  • Team roadmap

What is an IT roadmap?

An IT or technology roadmap is a visual representation of your IT plans. So it will be unique to your organization, goals, and areas of focus. For instance, your IT roadmap may visualize existing technology that you team supports as well as future upgrades or new investments. If your company is undergoing digital transformation, you can use a technology roadmap to communicate any changes IT will roll out to the rest of the organization to support the initiative.

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Let's take a closer look at the templates:

IT systems roadmap template

An IT systems roadmap communicates your plans for the systems your business relies on. It can include the core capabilities of your current systems and improvements or migrations required to meet your goals. Be sure to account for systems across the organization, such as identity management, data management, accounting information, and enterprise resource planning.

The template below displays various IT systems aligned to the goals that each supports. Customize the colors in the template based on ownership or to indicate progress.

IT systems roadmap template

Technology projects roadmap template

A technology projects roadmap highlights the various activities you have planned to meet short- and long-term business goals. Use this roadmap for projects like a migration to the cloud or the introduction of a new CRM system.

This template highlights projects across quarters. You could also add links to drill into details about each project.

Excel - Technology projects roadmap template

IT team roadmap template

Different functional groups within your IT department might want their own roadmap to manage special projects or initiatives. For example, the security team could build a separate roadmap to manage security and compliance initiatives.

The template included here uses a Gantt chart to show the schedules and related activities that comprise the overall project plan. Choose this roadmap to capture and display more detailed information about project timelines for a specific group. Use arrows to indicate dependencies between related work or cross-functional work.

IT team roadmap

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