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Stakeholder map

Identify individuals and groups involved in product decisions

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About the stakeholder map

Who are the key stakeholders for your product? How can you identify and prioritize their interests and concerns? A stakeholder map is a good place to start.

This template helps you identify, categorize, and understand the various individuals or groups that can influence or be impacted by product changes. The idea is to visualize their influence and impact on a map — so you have a better idea of how to proactively communicate the information they need and anticipate any areas of risk.

Think deeply about how you can align the interests of various stakeholders with your product's goals and vision. It is crucial to navigate relationships successfully and work with stakeholders to drive product success.

How to use

Create a stakeholder map for a smoother product development journey.

  1. Identify key stakeholders Start by filling in the Stakeholder overview table. List out the individuals, groups, or organizations involved and assess their influence and impact.

  2. Understand needs and interests Analyze each stakeholder's expectations to get a clear picture of what matters most to them. Consider their level of interest and overall ability to make decisions, allocate resources, and impact outcomes.

  3. Visualize relative importance Use the influence-impact matrix to figure out the best approach for working with each stakeholder — from managing them closely to keeping them satisfied or informed. Then, outline your approach for engaging with each stakeholder.

  4. Monitor and update Regularly review and update your stakeholder analysis as work progresses and stakeholder dynamics change. New stakeholders may emerge and existing ones may change their level of interest or influence.

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