How Aha! ensures we remain on track for product build-outs

Sejal Bogdon

Product Manager

We had a problem

Product requirements, design assets, notes, and ideas — basically all sources of information — were stored in disparate locations. It was impossible to track them all, and different projects constantly got lost. We also had no easy way to prioritize and vet enhancements and feature requests — let alone build out a roadmap to share with the company. We knew a solution that could integrate with our dev team’s tool of choice — Jira — would be our saving grace. And if we could find a tool to keep our product work organized in one place, we knew our team’s efficiency would reach new heights.

Aha! as a solution

We use the Strategy section in Aha! to store our Goals and Initiatives. This ensures that all features we define map back to our overall objectives. It also allows us to easily prioritize and balance stakeholder needs with our customers’ needs. We use the Ideas portal in Aha! to track any suggestions that come through from across the company. It is easy to see at a glance which ideas we can implement right away and which ones need more discussion.

Aha! gives us the toolset we lacked for maintaining our strategy, features, and requirements in one place while also allowing for full transparency of our product vision and progress across the company.

The Features board is another aspect of Aha! that we use on an almost daily basis. With multiple product managers working on various parts of the product, we have full transparency across our feature set. This allows us to collaborate and prioritize the features that are most important.

Finally, the Aha! integration with Jira is highly useful and critical for our team. It allows us to manage our product vision in Aha! — without having to duplicate the effort and enter items into Jira for the development team. Mapping engineering’s efforts to Requirements ensures that we remain on the right track for our product build-out.

Life is good

Aha! is essential for CheapCaribbean’s product planning process.

The reporting tools allow us to share our product vision with the rest of the company — including executive leadership. And the speed at which Aha! releases product enhancements is likely one of the fastest I’ve seen. Useful new features are added frequently.

Aha! gives us the ability to brainstorm, document, and create a true vision for the future of our products.

It is comforting to know that the company works so hard at keeping their product fresh and finding more ways to help product managers build better products. And if we ever have questions, we know we will be taken care of. Customer support is incredibly fast; their team is always ready to jump on a call or respond to questions via email. It means that our own team is never left waiting and can continue using the tool with ease.

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