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April 30, 2015

3 Components of Every Great Product Strategy

If you are a great technology leader or product manager — you know a secret that others ignore. Managing relationships is essential to your job. As the CEO of your…

January 25, 2015

1,000 Salespeople Called This CEO a Jerk

I seem to have touched a nerve. When I wrote Why This CEO Will Never Hire Another Salesperson last week, I had no idea that it would create a firestorm. I have written…

September 15, 2014

Stop "Failing Faster"

Companies should stop failing faster and start succeeding faster. Learn about 4 steps to take now to set yourself up for success.

August 25, 2014

Three Steps to Grow Up a Startup

Joining a startups is like being a kid all over again. And it’s probably why so many people want to be part of one. You’re free. Innovation and risk-taking is encouraged,…

May 29, 2014

Stop Calling Software "Enterprise-Grade"

The strategy-of-the-day seems to be to slap the word “enterprise-grade” on a product and then think that the product is miraculously ready for large businesses to buy.…

April 2, 2014

Getting Smarter With Google Display Ads

Our company is growing quickly and we have been increasing our spending on various advertising platforms to promote our app for product managers and engineers. We…