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June 7, 2023

Customer Value vs. Company Valuation

Customer value is usually defined as the perception of what a product or service is worth. Company valuation is the process of evaluating the economic worth of a business. Unfortunately, customer value and company value were not highly correlated in most startups over the last 10 years.

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May 3, 2023

8 Signs You Are Creating Software Waste

What is software waste? Many say it is any code, feature, or functionality that the customer does not need or derive value from. But the real waste begins much earlier in…

March 2, 2023

The Best Name For Your Tech Startup

Choosing a company name is necessary, even fun. But it can also be surprisingly tricky. Like any strategic business decision, this one deserves your full attention.

January 31, 2023

Have We Forgotten What "SaaS" Stands For?

Why do some SaaS startups succeed while others fail? The best ones take a grounded approach to launching and growing the business — putting customer service and value at…

January 17, 2023

Chasing Growth vs. Choosing Profit

What is more important for a startup — growth or profitability? The truth is that it does not need to be binary. The idea that a company can either grow fast or be…

January 9, 2023

6 Bootstrapped Lessons Learned on the Way to $100 Million

Aha! is now well past $100 million in annual recurring revenue. The core learnings of being a bootstrapped company powered our exceptional growth — any company founder or product leader can benefit from these 6 takeaways.