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Aha! Roadmaps is a complete roadmapping tool with everything product managers need to build products that customers love. Create the perfect product roadmap to share your plans and achieve your product goals.

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Set strategy, build roadmaps, and create powerful presentations in one roadmap app

Vision template within Aha!

Put product strategy first

Aha! Roadmaps helps product managers build lovable products. Whether you are launching a new product or managing one already in-market, strategic planning is essential.

Define your team's high-level product strategy. Align product goals with long-term business goals and link your strategic initiatives through to the detailed work on a visual product roadmap.

Create strategic product plans

Create visual roadmaps

Product roadmaps are a powerful way to communicate where your product is headed and how each team member plays a role. Showcase upcoming features or user stories, set deadlines, and connect every piece of work to your high-level initiatives.

A robust roadmap app makes it easy to tailor specific views for your target audience. From a basic drag-and-drop starter roadmap to more detailed Gantt charts, Aha! Roadmaps offers hundreds of customizable roadmap views.

Build your visual roadmap

Presentation controls on an Aha! presentation.

Deliver winning roadmap presentations

From real-time roadmaps to powerful presentations — showcase your brilliant plans all in one place with Aha! Roadmaps. Take nearly any Aha! view like your vision, personas, roadmaps, and reports and add it to an interactive slide in our roadmap app.

Present your up-to-date roadmap in minutes with a secure shared webpage. Customers, partners, and internal teams — you can create different versions quickly and tailor the message for each audience.

Tell your story

A custom roadmap in Aha! Roadmaps that tracks progress towards goals

Build more lovable products

Product teams are responsible for bringing lovable products and enhancements to market. Whether you manage a single product or an entire portfolio, a clear product roadmap portrays a shared vision that everyone in your organization can rally around.

When you use a roadmap app like Aha! Roadmaps, you can connect every product decision to your product strategy, show how your work supports your high-level business goals, and report on the progress and impact of your product.

Build lovable products


Integrate Aha! Roadmaps with 30+ tools

Create a variety of roadmaps

Frequently asked questions about roadmaps

How do you create a roadmap?

There are five basic steps to creating a roadmap:

1. Define your product strategy.

2. Review and evaluate potential features.

3. Prioritize and define requirements.

4. Organize into releases.

5. Choose a roadmap view for your audience.

Visit our ultimate guide to roadmapping to learn more.

How do you create a roadmap online?

Create an online product roadmap with product management software like Aha! Roadmaps. Our 30-day free trial includes hundreds of interactive strategy, roadmap, and planning templates.

Why is a roadmap important?

A product roadmap helps product managers illustrate how product strategy is connected to the releases and features that are being built. Roadmaps keep everyone aligned on priorities — helping you deliver product features on time.

What should be included on a roadmap?

Roadmaps typically include your goals, initiatives, releases, milestones, features, and dependencies. The level of detail to include depends on your audience. For example, your leadership team will want a high-level product roadmap that shows how your product strategy connects to business goals. Team members who are doing the work may prefer a more detailed features roadmap

What is a roadmap app?

A roadmap app or roadmap software helps you create cloud-based roadmaps with ease. With a roadmap app, you can also build dynamic roadmap presentations to share with your team in the same tool.

Expand your roadmap expertise

The Aha! team has decades of product management experience. And we want to share that knowledge so you can build lovable products and be happy doing it.