OKR product roadmaps for high-achieving teams

Aha! Roadmaps has everything product managers need for comprehensive OKR planning and tracking. Build strategy, connect OKRs to product plans, and create stunning visual roadmaps — all in one centralized place.

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Set OKRs, track your progress, and build something meaningful

Strategic Business Goals

Define strategic OKRs

How do you build towards lasting success? It starts with getting clear on your product objectives and key results (OKRs). Define what the product team will achieve and how you will measure success so the path forward is clear.

With Aha! Roadmaps, you can set these OKRs at every level of the organization — aligning the larger business goals with the product goals and the work of individual teams. Then, visualize everything with an OKR roadmap.

Set strategic OKRs


Connect objectives to daily work

Great product managers keep the product team focused on the work that matters most. OKR planning gives you a strategic framework — so you can prioritize the product initiatives and features that will bring real value.

Use the product value scorecard in Aha! Roadmaps to effectively prioritize your backlog of potential features and plan releases effectively. Roadmap views show work in progress in real time so you can see how the team is progressing against strategic themes — and keep an eye on capacity.

Build what matters

Releases progress dashboard in Aha!

Report on progress in a few clicks

You can track your OKRs using list reports, pivot tables, charts, and interactive dashboards with Aha! Roadmaps. Every report updates automatically — so you can update key stakeholders on your timeline.

Plus, choose from a variety of customizable reporting templates to add dynamic visuals to your dashboard — making it simple to get the OKR updates you need. Add any saved reports to a presentation or share as a live webpage or PDF.

Share your progress

A custom roadmap in Aha! Roadmaps that tracks progress towards goals

Customize your OKR roadmap template

Custom OKR roadmaps in Aha! Roadmaps are a powerful way to visualize your data. Show objectives and progress at every level of your organization — then link directly to initiatives, epics, releases, and features.

Save time by quickly tailoring your roadmap for any audience — such as leadership, engineering, marketing, sales, and even customers. That way you can align the entire organization around priorities.

Get started with OKR roadmap templates


Integrate Aha! Roadmaps with 30+ tools

Create a variety of roadmaps

Frequently asked questions about OKR product roadmaps

What are product OKRs?

OKRs stand for objectives and key results. In product management, these are the product goals you want to achieve (the objectives) and how you plan to measure success (the key results).

What should an OKR roadmap include?

Your OKR roadmap should show how your objectives are connected to the desired key results on a timeline. You can also link the objectives to initiatives, releases, epics, and features — giving a snapshot of how your work will help you reach your goals. Using an OKR roadmap template will help ensure you include the necessary elements.

What is an example of an OKR for product teams?

An example of a product team OKR might be to become a top-rated app in the next 12 months (the objective) with key results of a no. 1 ranking, an average five-star rating, and more than 20 positive review per month. Explore more example OKRs and define your own with OKR templates for product managers.

Expand your roadmap expertise

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