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Creative brief

Provide a concise overview of a creative project to guide marketing and design in their execution

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About the creative brief template

A well-crafted creative brief acts as a roadmap for marketing teams. It outlines the objectives, audience, and customer truths for an upcoming campaign or program — keeping the team in sync and focused on the most important details.

The brief guides the creative process, providing foundational information so the team can develop compelling and impactful deliverables. It also ensures that the creative team follows your brand guidelines, maintaining consistency across various marketing channels and collateral. This ensures that the resulting work is on-brand, relevant, and aligned with the overall marketing strategy.

Use this creative brief template to foster open collaboration between between marketing and creative teams. Encourage discussion, questions, and feedback to develop effective campaigns or programs.

Best practices

Capture the essence of your marketing program or campaign to guide the creative direction.

1. Establish the context Explain why the campaign or program is being undertaken and provide a concise overview of the objective, launch date, budget, audience, and key messages.

2. Provide clear guidelines Specify mandatory inclusions related to logo usage, color palette, typography, and tone of voice. List out deliverables and channels to guide the creative team's approach.

3. Inspire creativity Include visual or written examples that illustrate the desired style, look, or feel you want to achieve. This serves as a source of inspiration for the team.

4. Review and refine Share your creative brief with internal stakeholders and external agencies to align everyone on exactly what you want to deliver.

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