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Product feature kickoff meeting

Coordinate the team's efforts for a new feature

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About the product kickoff meeting template

Bring the team together to align on a feature's objectives, scope, and implementation strategy. Your product feature kickoff meeting sets the stage for why and what you will build — so folks have a clear understanding of what needs to be done.

Involve key stakeholders and decision-makers to ensure their input is considered. An effective meeting will get everyone moving in the same direction and save development time.

This comprehensive template provides sections for an agenda, overview of the feature, design and technical considerations, scope and timing, and next steps. Once you have met, assign the feature to a release in Aha! Roadmaps so you can deliver it on schedule.

How to use

Create a strong foundation for the successful design, development, and delivery of a new feature.

  1. Inspire the team Build enthusiasm by highlighting the strategic importance of the new feature and the problem it will solve for customers. Provide an overview of the desired user experience and success metrics that will be used to measure the feature's impact.

  2. Visualize your thoughts Use a whiteboard to communicate complex concepts. Create a user flow diagram or wireframe to capture your thinking and gather feedback from the team.

  3. Review design and technical considerations Build a feature that looks good and functions reliably. Discussing design and technical considerations upfront ensures that the new experience will meet user needs, work as intended, and can be effectively developed and maintained.

  4. Align on the delivery plan Summarize the proposed solution, clarify the scope, and establish the timeline for implementation. Capture action items and next steps from the kickoff meeting to keep everyone focused on what needs to get done and when.

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