Manage team tasks

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Knowledge - To-dos - H2

Detail what needs to happen and when

Assign to-dos to manage workflows and streamline review cycles

Set to-dos to track work, request feedback, and secure approvals
Review assigned work by date so you can focus your efforts
Track progress on tasks to meet publishing deadlines
Knowledge - To-dos - Keep work moving

Keep work moving

Drive personal and team productivity. Add to-dos directly to documents or create standalone tasks. Track what you need to have done and ensure you receive feedback from key stakeholders on time.

Knowledge - To-dos - Describe the details

Describe the details

Define exactly what needs to be done. Rich formatting options — such as bullet points, tables, and colors — help you clearly communicate each request. Add comments to check in with teammates, ask questions, and provide updates.

Knowledge - To-dos - Stay organized

Stay organized

See everything you need to do at a glance. Track to-dos based on when they are due and filter them by status to see what is in progress and what you have completed. Switch users to see tasks assigned to teammates.

Knowledge - To-dos - Streamline repeat tasks

Streamline repeat tasks

Create recurring to-dos at set intervals: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom. Tasks are automatically assigned on schedule — no reminders needed. This is perfect for drafting content that you create on a regular basis (such as release notes) or reviewing existing documents to see whether they need updates.