The Top 8 Aha! Roadmapping Software Updates of 2019
December 20, 2019

The Top 8 Aha! Roadmapping Software Updates of 2019

by Ron Yang

Have you paused to reflect on what you achieved this year? Or are you already living in the future? We are the same at Aha! — always focusing on our next big plan. But before you can dive into the new, it is important to pause and celebrate the gains you have made so far.

 This is why we built Aha! — so you can build brilliant roadmaps and accomplish great outcomes. 

We know it is hard work rallying others behind your vision, coordinating plans, and making tough decisions to move the business forward. The important work you do inspires us to make Aha! even better. We are honored that you trust us with your strategy and roadmaps — the big ideas you prioritize so you can serve your own customers better.

So, this year we tackled some of the biggest challenges you told us you wanted help with, including resource planning and progress tracking. We also sprinkled in a number of enhancements that make our product a bit more lovable and easier to use.

Here is a look back at some of the gifts we delivered this year:

Capacity reporting
The new capacity report helps you understand each person’s workload and identify any resourcing challenges. This is more than just a report — it gives you the confidence that you can deliver against your roadmap.

This report breaks down your team’s capacity by user and by month — the bar colors give you an immediate sense of who is available, what work is planned, and who is overcapacity.

Progress tracking
There is no better feeling than when you are getting work done. The ability to calculate the percent complete on all your records gave you a new way to track progress. Celebrate the team’s accomplishments as you see the progress bar move to the right.

Enter progress manually or calculate it from the underlying child records.

Collaborative text editing
Some gifts are a true labor of love. Our team worked for more than a year to bring you a collaborative text editor so you can work seamlessly alongside your teammates. We also introduced Markdown so you can quickly format that text as you go.

Start a new note, edit it alongside your teammates, and enjoy collaborative writing!

Presentation improvements
Earlier this year, we released a slide editor to help fine-tune your presentations. We also made it possible to customize what data is shown in the detailed views you add to your Aha! Presentations. Your response was emphatic: “Fantastic.” “Brilliant!!!” “Yeeeees.”

Whether you are celebrating your achievements or planning what is next, deliver brilliant presentations with the Aha! slide editor.

User story maps
Many of you asked for a better way to align your roadmap with the customer journey. Viewing your product roadmap from a user’s perspective helps you focus on building what your customers really need. This year, we added user story maps in Aha! so you can do just that.

Use the user story map view to map the ideal user flow and capture ideas as you go.

Marketing workspaces
We launched a new purpose-built workspace for marketing teams in Aha! — so that product and marketing can work collaboratively to deliver products customers love. Several new features were in order too, including enhancements to creative briefs and calendar reports.

Bring your plans together and manage key dates with marketing calendars.

New integrations
Integrations are always a high priority on your Aha! wishlist. So, this year we added a host of new integrations — including Confluence, Microsoft Teams, Google Analytics, and calendar syncing. We also improved how Aha! works with Jira, Rally, and Microsoft Azure DevOps.

See everything work-related in one place by integrating Aha! with your favorite calendar app.

Additional functionality for Enterprise+ customers
Of course, we had some special gifts just for our Enterprise+ customers. We launched five templates for custom tables so you can capture data on customers, markets, opportunities, partners, and release history. We also created custom worksheets, a powerful way to manage financial data and calculate ROI.

Track critical information in a consistent way with this example table for customers.

We love shipping new functionality that makes you excited to get to work — and we have even more planned for next year.

We deliver product updates like this so you can do meaningful work in Aha! — and we have deep gratitude for your feedback to keep us aware of what we need to build next. Keep the ideas coming in 2020.

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Ron Yang

Ron builds lovable products. He was the VP of Product Management and UX at Aha! — the world’s #1 product development software. Ron has more than 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship and leading product teams. Previously, Ron founded and sold his own company and has been on the founding team of multiple venture-backed companies.

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