Aha! Launches Visual Marketing Planning Software
January 22, 2019

Aha! Launches Visual Marketing Planning Software

by Brian de Haaff

It takes courage to attempt what has not been done before. In 2013, we set out to fundamentally change how companies innovate and build products. We wanted to help teams set brilliant strategy and roadmap their way to greatness. Fortunately, our courage was rewarded. Aha! is now the obvious choice for product managers everywhere and the world’s #1 product roadmap software.

More than 5,000 enterprise companies and 250,000 users trust our software to roadmap and build products customers love. We are the 13th fastest-growing private software company in the U.S., according to Inc. magazine. Based on our success and what we have learned from working with so many amazing companies, it is time for our next bold move.

I am thrilled to announce our newest product — Aha! for Marketing.

Planning and launching great marketing programs is invigorating. Marketers are among the most creative people on Earth. But most companies never benefit from this creativity because many marketers are beaten down by poor planning, weak tools, and relentless demands.

In today’s global markets, you need exceptional marketing to highlight your unique products and services — to set your product and company apart. The reality is that delivering the right message to the right customers demands a goal-first approach to marketing. That is why we are committed to helping teams create strategic objectives, prioritize work, and be happy doing it.

Aha! for Marketing is the new way to set strategy, build visual marketing plans, and report on program results.

It helps bring data and creative together — so you can better estimate the impact of your marketing efforts. Aha! for Marketing offers the most robust integration between marketing planning software and Google Analytics available today. (Editor's note: The Google Analytics integration is no longer available due to Google’s deprecation of Universal Analytics. See release note.) You can finally set performance targets and report on the impact of your work in one place in real time.

Aha! for Marketing provides unique benefits for marketing teams of every size — from startups to the Fortune 500:

Product marketing Turn complex product launches and technical marketing programs into game-changing events for customers and your company. We make it easy to define your buyer personas and your product’s positioning. Once your audience and messaging is clear, you can set the cross-functional activities and dependencies and track them in a detailed launch plan. After you launch, review the results with the team.

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Manage timing for every part of a go-to-market launch — including marketing activities, phases, and key milestones.

Digital marketing Plan your advertising campaigns and make sure that the team is ready to deliver. With our powerful reporting engine, you can capture real-time data from Google Analytics and tie it directly to your activities. This makes it easy to stay on budget, analyze campaign performance, and clearly see which activities best helped you reach your customer acquisition goals.

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Pull together your marketing and Google Analytics data in a sortable list table to analyze landing page performance.

Content marketing Collaborate on creative briefs to keep the entire team on message. And then quickly build visual editorial calendars, add custom workflows to streamline the approval process, and prioritize upcoming work based on strategic goals and initiatives. For the first time, see and share the actual impact of your content — in the same tool that you use to plan and manage the work.

Choose from six calendar templates to display your upcoming activities, campaigns, and schedules.

Aha! for Marketing can be used independently or seamlessly with our existing offering, which is now named Aha! for Product. If you use both together, it means that all of your organization’s product and marketing team members will have their own workspace — while seamlessly collaborating in one account to roadmap and launch award-winning products.

The marketing teams that will succeed in the future are the ones who reimagine what it takes to bring products and services to market.

Delivering Aha! for Marketing reminds us of when we first launched the company and brought a fresh new perspective to product management — a goal-first approach to getting work done. Our team is excited to start this new adventure and for you to start using Aha! for Marketing to redefine how your team strategically plans and launches breakthrough campaigns.

Sign up for a free trial — be happy Aha! for Marketing is now available to marketing teams everywhere — sign up for a free 30-day trial.

Already an Aha! customer? Email support@aha.io to start a trial of our new marketing software in your existing account.

Brian de Haaff

Brian de Haaff

Brian seeks business and wilderness adventure. He is the co-founder and CEO of Aha! — the world’s #1 product development software — and the author of the bestseller Lovability and The Startup Adventure newsletter. Brian writes and speaks about product and company growth and the journey of pursuing a meaningful life.

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