Just Launched! — 5 Templates to Capture Data on Customers, Markets, Opportunities, Partners, and Releases
January 9, 2019

Just Launched! — 5 Templates to Capture Data on Customers, Markets, Opportunities, Partners, and Releases

by Jessica Groff

Product managers love data. And with more than 200 default fields and unlimited custom fields, you can use Aha! to capture and report on all things product. But we know you rely on lots of information — such as market research, partnerships, and expansion opportunities — to make truly informed decisions.

This is why we first created custom tables and made them available for our sophisticated Enterprise+ customers. Custom tables offer enormous flexibility, allowing you to extend the Aha! data model to fit your organization’s unique needs.

But we also know that deciding exactly which custom fields to create and how to link all of the data objects together in Aha! can be complex. So, we used our experience working with product teams at many of the world’s leading companies to create a suite of example tables.

You can now use five example tables to get started quickly — customers, markets, opportunities, partners, and release history.

Custom tables are available as part of our Enterprise+ plan — the most exclusive service that we offer and ideal for large organizations. This plan also includes advanced security and backup features as well as ongoing consulting services.

When you use one of the new example tables, a relevant set of custom fields is automatically created in your account. For instance, the partners example table includes name and contact fields, while the releases example table allows you to track the history of past work (planned dates and actuals).

Of course, you can edit the suggested fields in the example table and add additional fields that make sense for your business. (Note that you must be an administrator with customization permissions to add and edit custom tables.)

Here are a few additional ways you can use custom tables:

Capture target market research
Use the example table for markets when you want to capture details about existing and potential markets. Below, you can see information about the market share, size, and channels for different countries. You can also choose a status from a predefined choice list (which you can edit) to show if you are actively pursuing a given market.

Custom table records can also be imported from CSV and kept up to date via the Aha! REST API.

Track key customer information
Stay close to your most important customers and track critical information about them in a consistent way. Fill out the example table for customers and then add it as a field on your feature card layout. This way, you can quickly reference key contacts, related records, and notes from any feature — so you can find the information you need without interrupting the flow of your work.

Link Aha! records (such as features shown here) to your custom table using relationship custom fields.

Manage strategic product opportunities
Use the example table for opportunities to capture data on potential acquisitions, market expansion, and new products. Here, we populated the example table and then created a chart from a pivot table that shows the opportunity forecast.

Add reports to an Aha! notebook to share opportunities data with the team.

“Custom tables are a powerful way to extend the Aha! data model.”

So, go ahead and create as many custom tables as you need. And tell us the results — we love learning about the innovative ways customers like you are using Aha!

Upgrade your Aha! plan to Enterprise+
Custom tables are available for Enterprise+ customers. If you are an Enterprise+ customer and would like to take advantage of example tables, we can help you get started today. If you are not an Enterprise+ customer and would like to learn more, send a quick note to support@aha.io. A member of our Customer Success team — all experienced former product managers — will respond to your request (usually less than two hours) and share more about the benefits of the Enterprise+ plan.

Jessica Groff

Jessica was a Product Marketing Manager at Aha! — the world’s #1 product development software.

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