The top 15 Aha! software features launched in Q1 2024

A snapshot of the top features delivered in Q1 2024.

April 4, 2024

The top 15 Aha! software features launched in Q1 2024

by Claire George

We launched two new products. 50+ features and enhancements. A new training class for Aha! champions. We have been busy this quarter and are more energized than ever to help you get work done across every stage of the product development process.

From fresh ways to set strategy to tools for analyzing the value you deliver, here is what we shipped in Q1 to propel your product work forward.

In March, we expanded our product development suite to include new whiteboarding and knowledge base tools. Aha! Whiteboards provides a visual space for early-stage thinking — you can define user flows, create mockups, and get aligned on plans. Aha! Knowledge enables teams to create and share documents from a single hub, build internal wikis, and publish self-serve product docs. (You have access to essential whiteboarding and notes functionality if you are an existing Aha! customer, but new account upgrade options can unlock advanced capabilities.)

We continued to enhance our other products throughout the quarter. Major updates to Aha! Roadmaps included a highly demanded Now, Next, Later roadmap, support for OKRs, and a new report to showcase the product value that you deliver. We also shipped a number of enhancements to Aha! Ideas to help you capture and manage customer feedback.

We were thrilled to also launch a much-requested certification class for Aha! champions and administrators as part of Aha! Academy. The new class provides advanced training on setting standards, creating sophisticated reports, and carrying out key administrative tasks. Be sure to check out our other learning opportunities too — including introductory training and monthly live tutorials.

In total, we delivered more than 50 new features and enhancements in Q1. Here are the highlights.

New in Aha! Roadmaps

We shipped some exciting new features in Aha! Roadmaps to improve the way you showcase your roadmap, coordinate release plans, and analyze the value you deliver.

  • Use the Now, Next, Later roadmap view to summarize what is coming next before you are ready to commit to specific delivery dates. Customizable time frames (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) or rolling ones (like every 60 or 90 days) keep your roadmap current as things progress.

  • Enjoy more options for crafting the perfect Gantt chart. Now, you can see features nested in their epics and releases to better understand how all the pieces of your plan fit together. You can also create expertly tailored views with new feature, epic, and release phase filters.

  • Report on all the value you have delivered to customers — and analyze the potential value in your roadmap — with the new product value report.

The product value report uses product value scores assigned to ideas, features, and epics to generate this one-page summary of total value.

The product value report uses product value scores assigned to ideas, features, and epics to generate this one-page summary of total value.

We also delivered valuable new features for customers on the Aha! Roadmaps Enterprise+ plan:

  • Manage OKRs in Aha! Roadmaps. Enable Objectives and key results in your workspace settings and use the new Key results tab to add as many key results as you need — setting a target metric, starting metric, and current metric.

  • Estimate work in custom ways, like T-shirt sizes. You can now capture initial estimates using new named ranges (think small, medium, large, and so on) so you can quickly estimate early-stage plans when there are still a lot of unknowns.

Create a pivot report to see the status and progress of objectives and their key results — all in one view.

Create a pivot report to see the status and progress of objectives and their key results — all in one view.


New in Aha! Ideas

Over in Aha! Ideas, we delivered your top request to help you keep valuable product feedback coming your way. And we introduced a number of enhancements designed to help you deeply understand customer needs and promote the best ideas to your roadmap.

  • Make it easy for your ideas portal users to share feedback. Add a custom filter to your portal to help them get to the most important ideas as quickly as possible.

  • See all records linked to an idea on the recently updated Related tab. This makes it easy to view merged ideas, empathy sessions, and polls in one view — along with other ideas that people voted for.

  • Promote an idea to a release in Aha! Roadmaps. This option is perfect for bringing really big ideas into your roadmap so you can get to work defining and implementing new product experiences.

Custom filters can work in combination with the other ideas filters (or not) — so users have more options for getting the to ideas they care about.


New in Aha! Whiteboards

We were excited to launch Aha! Whiteboards just a few weeks ago. It is a dedicated offering that will help product teams drive innovation. This launch built on the essential whiteboarding capabilities for brainstorming and refining concepts that were already included in other Aha! products and introduced advanced capabilities:

  • Create beautiful wireframes to mock up new customer experiences. Choose from a large set of configurable components to quickly show how new functionality should work and illustrate the desired user flow.

  • Run voting sessions to quickly get input on new concepts. Allocate the total number of votes per person, select the specific whiteboard items that people can vote for, and tally the results to identify the best ideas.

  • Keep collaborative sessions on track with a countdown timer. Set the desired amount of time in minutes and seconds, and then get to work. Pause, stop, or add more time as needed.

Groups can vote at the same time or asynchronously — whichever option is ideal for your team.


New in Aha! Knowledge

We also introduced Aha! Knowledge, the AI-powered product information hub. Document creation capabilities already existed in Aha! software (including 100+ templates, an AI assistant, and collaborative editing), so you could set up an internal wiki. This functionality is now available as a standalone product with an advanced option for building knowledge bases:

  • Publish as many private and public knowledge bases as you need to share information with colleagues and customers. Share the link with an unlimited number of users to give them self-serve access to valuable product resources.

  • Customize each knowledge base with a title, logo, and theme color to match your company branding. Add buttons and links to make important resources easy to access for your audience.

  • Manage how documents are published. Make changes instantly viewable in your knowledge base or keep them in draft mode until you are ready to go live.

Publish documents from your workspace as part of a private or public product knowledge base.

Publish documents from your workspace as part of a private or public product knowledge base.


New in Aha! Academy

If you are looking to increase your knowledge of Aha! software and grow your product development skills, check out the latest Aha! Academy updates. From new training classes to live tutorials focused on best practices using our software, here are some ways to boost your learning:

We hope these updates help you accomplish even more as you move across all stages of product development.

Our suite of products evolves every single week as we continue to launch new features and improvements. We are excited to embark on another quarter of delivering value through each of our products — Aha! Roadmaps, Aha! Ideas, Aha! Whiteboards, Aha! Knowledge, Aha! Develop, and Aha! Academy — to help you better manage your work through every stage of product development.

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Claire George

Claire George

Claire is passionate about helping product development teams learn how to bring their strategy to life. She is the director of product marketing at Aha! — the world’s #1 product development software. Claire has 20 years of marketing and software experience. Previously, she led product marketing at an agile-based work management platform.

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