Introducing In-App Idea Submission
February 17, 2021

Introducing In-App Idea Submission

by Claire George

Your ideas portal is a hub for innovation. It is where your customers, partners, and employees know to go to provide feedback — helping you better understand what they really need. But you want to add new ways for a broader set of users to provide feedback. So what could be easier than a seamless submission process that happens while they are using your application?

Now you can capture ideas right from your product with a new in-app feedback widget.

Aha! Ideas provides many ways for collecting feedback and developing customer empathy. Ideas portals give teams a place to collect and organize feedback. You could already use an in-app community feedback widget to start a chat-based conversation with your customers. With today's update, you can use that same technology to gather ideas too.

All in-app feedback widgets are part of the Ideas Advanced plan, which also includes portal translations and empathy sessions. (If your team is using Aha! Roadmaps and would like to trial these advanced idea management features, email us at

You can enable the new idea submission widget with public or submit-only portals. If you are currently using a private portal, you can always set up another portal in the same workspace so you can take advantage of this functionality.

First you install a one-time code snippet in your web application. (This code works for any type of feedback widget — community or idea submission.) You can only install an in-app feedback widget in applications that require a user to log in. This way, anyone who submits an idea in your application will automatically also become a portal user. They will receive idea status updates and can vote or comment on other ideas in public portals.

Here is how to start collecting ideas in your application:

Add an idea submission widget

Create an idea submission widget within your portal settings to start gathering your users' ideas. Fill out the fields to add details like title and brand color, and specify where you want the widget to appear in your application. Activate the widget on the details page when you are ready to collect ideas.

Preview a live widget to see how the experience will look for end users.

Collect fresh feedback

Users can click the lightbulb icon that now appears in your web application to submit an idea. The experience is the same as if they were submitting ideas directly in your portal. For example, if you use a dynamic ideas form, users will move through the steps in the same way.

New ideas are automatically tied to a new or existing portal user that matches the user's email in your application.

Review everything in one place

The ideas overview page is where you can assess recently submitted ideas. All ideas flow into this view, whether they were submitted from within your application or through your portal. You can see the total idea count on the widget itself and also view a list report of ideas submitted in-app to gauge the effectiveness of this new idea channel.

Merge similar ideas to reduce duplicates.

Merge similar ideas to reduce duplicates.

Keep customers informed

When users submit ideas from your application, they will receive an email confirming their submission. As the idea progresses through your workflow, they will receive updates along the way by default. Users can also visit your public portal to view the ideas they submitted and vote for others.

The first time a user accesses your portal, they will be asked to create a password to log in.

The first time a user accesses your portal, they will be asked to create a password to log in.

The best products are built by teams that have a powerful feedback loop with users.

Ideas are essential for innovation. So you want to encourage more ideas from more people. Now you have a whole new way to engage with your customers and discover what they really need from your product. Stay at the leading edge of innovation by advancing your idea collection process.

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Claire George

Claire George

Claire is passionate about helping product development teams learn how to bring their strategy to life. She is the director of product marketing at Aha! — the world’s #1 product development software. Claire has 20 years of marketing and software experience. Previously, she led product marketing at an agile-based work management platform.

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