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Aha! Roadmaps has everything you need to design and launch a new website. Build a website roadmap to organize every phase of work — from research and wireframing to development and deployment. Create a seamless planning process and set your team for a successful launch day.

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Set strategy, stick to your timeline, and guide your team to a successful website launch

Strategic marketing roadmap in Aha!

Plan for success

Website projects are complex. You need a website roadmap to visualize your plan — with a high-level view of goals, major areas of work, and a timeline for completion. Building a strategic roadmap helps you visualize website work in the context of whatever else your team is working on — such as product launches and other marketing campaigns.

Share the roadmap with your team and stakeholders to help everyone align on the work that matters most.

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A Gantt chart in Aha! Roadmaps

Manage every detail

Dig into the details. Create a Gantt chart to capture tasks, due dates, milestones, and dependencies for your project or website launch. All of the data in Aha! Roadmaps is connected — so when plans shift, your roadmap adjusts in real-time.

Now you can give everyone a live view of what is needed and when — with filters and customization to zero in on the details each team member cares about.

Build a Gantt chart

Releases progress dashboard in Aha!

Track and share progress

No matter the project you manage, teammates rely on you to provide updates on the work. With Aha! Roadmaps you can instantly see the status of phases, initiatives, and tasks — from planning to content creation to development. Share reports to keep the team informed and accountable.

Then create an interactive dashboard with a holistic view of everything in progress and the impact of your work on business goals.

Try interactive dashboards

This is an example of a marketing ideas portal in Aha!

Gather feedback and continually improve

Web development work is never done. It is a big achievement to get to launch day — now you need to gather data and feedback for ongoing enhancements.

Use the backlog in Aha! Roadmaps to capture future work. Or create an ideas portal to collect and manage ideas from internal teammates and external customers. Scorecards give you the option to rate ideas by business value and effort. Promote the best ideas to your roadmap and move forward with confidence.

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Frequently asked questions about roadmaps

What is a website roadmap?

A website roadmap is a strategic planning tool to visualize the goals for your website launch or web work — including phases, milestones, and tasks on a timeline view. In essence, the roadmap visually connects your web strategy to the work you will do to achieve it.

What should a website roadmap include?

A website roadmap typically includes: website, project, or product goals; resource allocation and budget; milestones and high-level deadlines; and partner, stakeholder, or cross-functional responsibilities.

A website roadmap can be customized depending on the audience. For example, you can show a strategic view for executives and a more detailed task-oriented view for team members.

How can I build a website roadmap?

Access hundreds of roadmap views in Aha! Roadmaps. Capture details about your plan and customize your roadmap with the dates, activities, and layout that you want to share with your team.

Can I import my data to a website roadmap template?

Yes. You can bring existing project plans into Aha! Roadmaps. Import plans from a CSV file or from tools like Asana, Trello, and Jira.

Expand your roadmap expertise

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