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Pricing and packaging research

Determine the right pricing for your product or service

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About the pricing and packaging research template

Pricing decisions go beyond selecting a price point. For SaaS products in particular, you are selling a service that you hope customers will continue to use (and love). You may need to account for licensing fees, recurring subscription fees, or add-on fees for certain packages or levels of customer support.

Use this template to consolidate your research and recommendations related to pricing. It includes sections for assessing what you are selling, the cost of doing business, and market demand for your product. It also summarizes six of the most common SaaS pricing models to help you choose the right fit. (For more on that, read our guide on how to price your product.)

Determining the right price comes down to understanding what customers get from your product and the value they attach to it. It is one of the most important decisions company leaders and product managers will make.

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Best practices

Choose the most suitable pricing strategy to maximize profitability and customer satisfaction.

  1. Build a foundation Start by reviewing your overall product strategy — including your business model, market requirements, and product positioning. These foundational documents along with additional research will help inform your pricing decisions.

  2. Research competitors Understand the market landscape and what sets you apart. Consider differentiators like product features, product quality, and customer service options. Note how much other vendors are charging for similar products or packages.

  3. Understand pricing models Weigh up the pros and cons of different pricing models to identify an approach that makes the most sense for your product. Common pricing models include flat-fee pricing, freemium pricing, usage pricing, per-user pricing, tiered pricing, and feature-based pricing.

  4. Choose wisely Based on your research and analysis, define your recommended pricing and packaging. Consider the price point for different plans and what features you will include in each. Vet the recommendation with company leaders and stakeholders.

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