Whiteboard concepts

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Create stunning whiteboards

Brainstorm bold ideas, refine product concepts, and design customer experiences


Get together to generate ideas and determine the best approach


Get started fast with purpose-built templates for product builders


Illustrate concepts using shapes, imagery, and free-form sketching

jumpstart whiteboard

Jumpstart product innovation

Bring the team together for a collaborative brainstorming session. Set a topic and then invite others to add suggestions — at the same time or asynchronously. Colorful sticky notes make it easy to capture raw ideas, group them by theme, and vote on the best product concepts.

diagram whiteboard

Diagram your way

Communicate complex ideas. Build diagrams from scratch or find inspiration from a library of templates that includes business models, customer journey flow charts, mind maps, and more. Enhance the visual story using shapes, frames, and connectors. Then add images to give more context.

explore whiteboard

Explore the possibilities

Accelerate the product discovery process. Use visual models — like a SWOT analysis or pros and cons list — to decide which product opportunities to pursue. Then gauge the relative value and effort of new ideas to narrow in on the best path forward and get to work.

Thoughts to actions - Whiteboard

Turn thoughts into action

Bring visual thinking into your daily work. All Aha! products include virtual whiteboards at no additional cost. Convert sticky notes and other whiteboard elements into features — to seamlessly incorporate new concepts in your product plans.