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March 23, 2017

I Am Not a Guru (Neither Are You)

Do you claim to be a guru on your resume? Find out how this makes hiring managers perceive you and why you should always be truthful.

March 20, 2017

The One Metric Silicon Valley Is Missing

A friend just recently helped raise money for a fin-tech startup. Exciting times with lots of numbers to watch. Especially when it relates to having money in the bank to…

March 16, 2017

Why I Only Hire Product Managers

Is product management the new “it” job? It’s starting to look that way. More and more business students are considering it as a dream job. And I can understand why.…

March 14, 2017

Your Success — Think Like a Grandpa

“Think like grandpa?” That may sound like backward advice. Times have changed. What could our grandparents possibly have to say about running a business today? Well, I…