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October 10, 2016

Why Is Sam Sleeping at His Desk?

What is the biggest threat to your career and company today? You might say cash flow, lagging sales, or finding qualified candidates. Or you might even say that working…

October 7, 2016

I Just Met Your Invisible Mentor

You can learn how to do just about anything on YouTube. Change a bike tire, learn guitar, or bake a flaky kołaczki pastry. If you are searching for expert career advice,…

September 29, 2016

Can We Talk About the Elephant in Your Office?

You are not imagining things. There is indeed an elephant in your office. Everyone tries to tip-toe around the beast — yet it is becoming increasingly difficult. You see,…

September 27, 2016

Your Startup Does Not Need "Adult Supervision"

A friend of mine came over the other night for a pep talk. He works at a San Francisco transportation startup. And he said that things are going well and not so well at…

September 22, 2016

No One Cares About Your Business Strategy

Recognize this scenario? You join the leadership team at the annual offsite to work on next year’s strategy. The location is somewhere expensive and beautiful.…

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